About Benchmark

Benchmark Construction Group is a full service, Philadelphia-based, MBE general contractor and construction manager. With more than 75 years of combined experience, Benchmark’s principals are skilled in new construction, renovation and historic restoration projects for commercial, institutional and residential clients. We work hard and love what we do. As our name implies, we set the bar high for ourselves and the industry.


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At Benchmark, construction is about collaboration. Our long-standing relationships with owners and designers are based on trust, mutual respect and a shared objective: To create projects that further an organization’s goals, while coming in on time, on budget, and to exacting standards.

Core Values

core values, def: principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

Benchmark is dedicated to a process and product that brings communities together for a healthy, safe and sustainable future. We are proud to work with groups that create jobs locally, revitalize Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and protect natural resources. Benchmark is a diverse construction company that gives all Philadelphia contractors an opportunity for good-paying jobs.


We strive to deliver a quality product at the end of the job. Clients rely on our experience, craftmanship and attention to detail.

Problem Solving:

Each project is unique, and unforeseen challenges are inevitable. At Benchmark, proactive thinking and creative problem-solving are key.


Cost-saving opportunities discovered onsite will always benefit the client. Benchmark does not cut corners.


We take responsibility for our work and that of professionals employed by us.


We are committed to the highest ethical standards of honesty, integrity and respect. We earn our clients’ trust every day on the job


A safe workplace for employees and a hazard-free environment is the Benchmark standard.

Social Impact

social impact, def: commitment of a company or person that affects the surrounding community for the common good.

Social impact takes a variety of forms and has numerous meanings and implementation depending if you are a for profit business, non-profit organization, city government, or even a real estate developer.

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More than 75 years combined experience




What client’s say


“Benchmark is a team player from start to finish.  They are responsive to our concerns and our projects unique circumstances.  They stand by their work to ensure the job is done right and that the customer is satisfied.  We look forward to doing  future projects with Benchmark.”

Michael Connelly

Senior Vice President

BFW Group, LLC


“I have worked with the team on several projects and appreciate the detail and expertise on every job.  Professionalism, experience, and knowledge has made collaboration on projects seamless and successful.”

Gerry Schwam, AIA


Schwam and Associates


“We define success as a job done with the care and thoughtfulness that includes a collaborative environment between us, our architect and contractor. With members of Benchmark we achieved this success along with the project being completed on schedule and within budget.  Thank you!!”

Patricia Sawyer

President, Board of Directors

Stephen Smith Towers


“The team at Benchmark Construction Group takes a thoughtful, collaborative, problem solving approach to meeting customer construction needs. At Alterra, we know that we can bring Benchmark into a project at the nascent stages and they will work with us to efficiently create a scope and schedule that meets our needs.”

Leo Addimando

Managing Partner

Alterra Property Group, LLC