At Benchmark Construction Group, Inc., we strive to bridge that gap of underrepresentation of minorities and women in the construction field.

We are first and foremost committed to the owners/developer’s objective of delivering a project with the highest performance of service.   Exceeding expectation within budget and on time.  Secondly, we strive to create an environment that is inclusive and supports the successful completion of your project.

Our Social Impact integrates the way we conduct our operations horizontally as well as vertically in our business practice.

Horizontally, we seek vendors and suppliers that support our vision in terms of their hiring practices for minorities and women in addition to purchasing products from the same group.  Also, horizontally, we seek sub-contractors that perform for us on projects, and will require and if necessary, will encourage and support our initiatives in making a change.

We integrate vertically by working with our industry partners, other general contractors through local organizations such as the BIA (Building Industry Associates), ABC ( Associated Builders and Contractors) and others, to promote opportunities within their organizations and their members and to show the benefits of improving their hiring practices.

Also, our vertically integration is you, our client.   As owner/developer,  as you invest in Benchmark, an MBE company, you are also investing  your dollars that are cycled in a more sustainable and equitable environment.

You will know that in addition to trusting that your project is built well, that you are partnering with  a team that is making a sustainable impact to our community.  Not only today…..for tomorrow too.

Why is Benchmark so committed to social/sustainable impact?

Simply, It’s the right thing to do.